Hunting App Features

i-Hunting is the first cross platform Hunting Gps App.  The app includes parcels, public lands and land ownership maps. Propertly line maps include additional attributes - owner name, owner address, site address, total value and more.  State specific hunt layers include hunt areas, hunting restriction zones, game distribution maps. PLSS township and section maps are available US wide. 

This App lets you to create/import your own routes, and use these routes for voice activated route assitance. Once downloaded, charts are available offline without needing network connectivity. App includes support for route track recording, Auto Follow with Real Time Track Overlay, Export of tracks/routes as GPX file, and much more. 

  • Land Ownership Maps

    • i-Hunting provides a unified US wide layer for parcels. Please use our Hunting and Land Ownership  web map to see exact coverage
    • Parcel layer include additional ownership attributes - owner name, site address, owner address, total value etc
    • Parcel layer is continuously updated and evolving. If you do not see your town/city listed, please contact us.
    • If you are an assessor and/or the GIS manager and would like to embed our web maps, feel free to reach out to us.
  • Public Lands & Possible Public Access

    • i-Hunting provides a US wide map layer that shows Public Lands
    • In addition to Public Lands, a Possible Public Access map layer is provided.
  • Hunt Planning maps

    • Hunt Planner maps are included for each state.
    • Hunt Planner maps include layers like the following
      • Hunting Areas (E.g. Hunting zones for Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Crane, Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, etc.)
      • Game Distribution ( E.g. Antelope General Distribution, Antelope Winter Distribution etc)
      • Restricted Areas ( E.g. Big Game Hunting Restricted Area, Bison Restricted Areas etc)
      • Portions ( E.g.Bighorn Sheep Portions etc)
  • PLSS Maps

    • The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is a way of subdividing and describing land in the United States. The PLSS typically divides land into 6-mile-square townships. Townships are subdivided into 36 one-mile-square sections
    • Both PLSS Townships and PLSS Sections are provided as individual layers.
  • Vector Topo Maps

    • i-Hunting uses Vector Topo Maps to provide smooth interactive experience.
    • Contour layer included with i-Hunting should exactly match with USGS contour maps
    • Customize elevation unit on contours and spot elevations to feet, meter or fathom
    • Contours are vertically referenced to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988. Note that 1988 here refers to the vertical datum and not how recent the data is. The actual data is very recent.
    • Elevation offsets can be applied to all contour elevations and spot elevations. This is useful when you want to use a specify contour as reference and measure all heights above that point.
  • Voice activated route assistance

    • Voice prompts when approaching a route marker
    • Continous distance and ETA updates
    • Voice alerts when going off route
    • Voice alerts when going in wrong direction
  • Auto Follow Mode

    • Real Time Track Overlay
    • Predicted Path Vector
    • Speed & Current Heading (SOG/COG)
    • Customizable Refresh Frequency
  • Route Editing/Creation

    • Create routes from scratch
    • Edit existing GPX/KML routes.
    • Add custom description to any route point.
    • Drop markers along route.
    • Delete any marker or route point.
    • Move Route Points.
    • Add Points to existing Route Leg.
  • Route Manager

    • Import GPX KML files
    • Creae New Routes
    • View, Edit, Delete, Export Routes, Tracks & Waypoints.
    • Reverse Routes.
  • Download Offline Vector Maps

    • i-Hunting allows Vector map downloads at multiple resolutions.
      • High Resolution: This is the default. (Best Resolution) Includes all details - Publiclands, Parcels, all hunting layers etc.
      • Medium: (Intermediate Resolution)Includes details for viewing at 1:80K scale. Smaller parcels, public lands are not included.
      • Low: (Lowest Resolution) Overview details only.
  • AIS Tracking (Automatic Identificaiton System)

    • Connect to AIS Receiver using TCP (NMEA over TCP)
    • Automatic target ageing - Targets turn grey if no messages received for 5 minutes
    • Color coded AIS targets
    • Tap AIS target to display details (MMSI, ETA, Name, Destination, IMO Number etc.)
    • Available for iOS (Other platforms coming)
    • i-Boating AIS user guide
  • Elevation Offset

    Elevation offsets can be applied to all contour elevations and spot elevations. This is useful when you want to use a specify contour as reference and measure all heights above that point.

  • Distance/Bearing tool

    Measure distance and bearing from the center of the map to any point

  • Create custom way points

    You can create custom way points in the following ways:
    • From your current location.
    • Manually selecting a point on the map.
    • Manually entering the latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Search Map

  • Pan/zoom/locate yourself

    The software supports standard mapping featurs like pan/zoom to get an overall idea of the region. The maps have been reprojected for WGS84 datum so that they are GPS accurate .If your device has a GPS or you use a bluetooth GPS puck, you can locate yourself at any time.

  • Record GPS tracks

    If your device has GPS or you use a bluetooth GPS puck paired with your device, you can record your GPS tracks.

  • View tracks overlay

    If you turn on track recording, at any point you can view the map with your tracks overlaid on the map in dark brown color. This would help you figure out with a glance where you have been and what area you haven't touched at all.

  • Live track animation

    If you turn on track recording, you can play your track at any time. The track play shows you a red dot traversing the map. The speed of the red dot is proportional to how fast you go. The red dot goes faster at places where you go faster. You can see your speed at the bottom left corner of the phone screen.
  • Track analytics/stats

    • Distance covered
    • Average speed
    • Maximum speed
    • Time taken
    • Pace (time taken to cover a mile or km)
  • Export tracks in GPX format.

    You can export tracks in GPX format to SDCard/device memory.
    GPX tracks can be shared with others or viewed on Google earth.