Deer Permit Areas, Minnesota

Wildlife managers use landscape features such as rivers and roads to divide Minnesota into 130 areas that have similar habitat, land uses, deer populations and deer hunter distribution. These are called Deer Permit Areas(DPAs).

i-Hunting app includes Deer Permit Areas hunt layer under Minnesota -> Wildlife Managment Units.

To enable this layer, please use the following taps:

  • Tap on Layers icon on top right for iOS and Android (top left on Web App)
  • Select Minnesota
  • Tap on Wildlife Managment Units
  • Check the box or switch on "Deer Permit Areas"
  • Tap on Save
Minnesota Hunting App
Deer Permit Areas on i-Hunting App

Available Attributes for Deer Permit Areas , Minnesota

  • Archery Season
  • Designation
  • Early Antlerless Season
  • Firearm A Season
  • Firearm B Season
  • Firearm Options
  • Msg1
  • Muzzleloader Season
  • Name
  • Special Regulation
  • Url
  • Url1
  • Youth Season

Available Deer Permit Areas